Excessive amounts of mold or certain types of mold can present health concerns for a building’s occupants. Mold can originate from the presence of moisture in an area where mold spores are located. The moisture can originate from a variety of sources, including a slow leak or water damage. Sources of excessive moisture such as the result from water damage should be professionally remediated immediately to prevent mold growth or to prevent further mold from growing.

The signs of a mold presence in your property could include one or more of the following:

  • Musty odors/smells
  • Visible mold growth
  • Water damage staining on the ceiling, walls or other surfaces
  • Excessive moisture/humidity
  • Water damage that has been present for over 48 hours

If you believe there might be a mold problem in your property, the best way to investigate is through a certified mold inspector who will evaluate your situation with the following methods:

  • Visually assess your property and any areas of concern
  • Take moisture readings of the air and wall, floor or other cavities using moisture testing equipment
  • Take samples of the air and surfaces that will evaluated by a laboratory to determine if molds are present, the types present and in what concentrations
  • Using other equipment and procedures, such as infrared thermal photography or inner-wall-sampling to determine if moisture and mold are present

Our specialists can evaluate your property to determine if there is a mold problem and, if so, provide an estimate for professional remediation, including limiting human and environmental exposure and the cleaning of your air and contents effected by the mold problem. Following remediation of any contaminated areas, we can completely restore your property to its original state and provide methods for deterring any future mold problems in other areas of your property. In addition, we guarantee that our work areas will be free of mold for 10-years. Our services can be provided in a confidential and discrete manner to prevent worry by your family, friends, tenants or employees.

COMPANY is known for being a one-stop-shop for all your environmental needs. From mold to asbestos to fire to biohazards, we take care of it all in a thoroughly professional manner. Here is a full list of all our services:

  • Inspections and Testing

o Mold Inspection and Testing

o Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection

o Leak Detection and Moisture Testing

o Clearance Mold Testing and Certification

o Home Inspection & Building Defect Inspection

o Asbestos Testing

o Lead Testing

o Water Quality Testing

o Bacteria Testing

o Soil Testing

o Radon Gas Testing

o Carbon Monoxide/Dioxide Gas Testing

o Methamphetamine Residue Testing

o Marijuana/THC Residue Testing.

  • Mold Remediation

o Pre-Job Assessment & Testing

o Leak/Roof/Plumbing Repair (If Needed)

o Contents Cleaning and Preservation

o Odor Removal/Deodorization

o Mold Remediation with 10-Year Warranty

o Mold Prevention Applications

  • Water Damage and Structural Drying

o Pre-Job Assessment & Mitigation

o Leak/Roof/Plumbing Repair (If Needed)

o Water Extraction/Emergency Water Removal

o Containment and Negative Air Pressurization

o Drying and Dehumidification

o Contents Cleaning and Preservation

o Odor Removal/Deodorization

o Waterproofing/Flood Protection

  • Fire Damage

o Pre-Job Assessment & Mitigation

o Board-Up (If Needed)

o Contents Cleaning and Preservation

o Demolition and Removal

o Decontamination and Soot Removal

o Odor Removal/Deodorization

  • Biohazard Clean-Up and Decontamination

o Crime Scene Clean Up/Blood Clean Up

o Fecal Matter and Other Contaminant Cleaning

  • Property Restoration/Rebuilding
  • Other Services

o Carpet Cleaning

o Air Duct Cleaning

We can assist you through any environmental issues. Our professionally trained remediators can act quickly to rapidly remove water and moisture from the property using commercial-grade high-tech equipment through a complex drying and dehumidification process. We follow industry standards and beyond to safely dry, deodorize, and disinfect any areas of a property flooded or damaged by water. Using these techniques and equipment, even moisture that has reached cavities in the floor and walls can be reached.

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